Monday, November 19, 2012

The Best Way to Improve a Society

A society is just like any other object or entity made up of smaller components. Electronics, automobiles, instruments, college courses and even cuisine are judged on the quality of their parts. Better ingredients lead to better finished goods. 

In sports, the team with better players is typically the more successful team. However, the stronger team is not always the victor. As we move from machines to people, many other factors impact the outcome. Individuals can have an off day when their best performance is required, leading to disappointment on the field. 

Similarly, a team can be victorious with seemingly less-skilled players. This is often attributed to spirit, home-field advantage or luck. A team can also have a unique style of play that gives them an advantage. Solid, effective teamwork will often overcome the individual combined performances of star players on an opposing team.

So it is with a society. A community can either be strengthened by improving its components, or by strengthening the bonds of its existing parts. To this end, the virtuous thing to do is for society's components, us as individuals, to find ways to improve ourselves. That means acquiring a new skill, developing an existing talent, or seeking more education. It is good for the individual citizen and his or her family to be a proficient contributor to society. As we improve ourselves, set the example of self-betterment in our neighborhoods, rec centers, offices and throughout our communities, the torch will successfully be passed to neighbors and colleagues. The result?  A stronger culture, with stronger families, harder workers and an ever more virtuous citizenry.

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