Saturday, December 22, 2012

Character is King!

As a follow up to the section on the isolated individual, I wanted to delve into the individual in a society. It was my intention to investigate what the universal basics are. This post was going to address that all people have a sense of self. Every person bears an identity, has feelings, desires, tastes, preferences and aversions. We would have discussed that some are short, some are tall--some male, some female. Or that we all have different histories and heritage, convictions and opinions, but...

Nothing needs to be said on this subject other than this:

At the core, we are all the same. The only difference is character, and if we can inspire stronger character, the other opinions and beliefs just add variety, not ammunition.

King envisioned a place and time when all
 would be judged by the content of their character.
We cannot necessarily control what gifts, talents and abilities we have, but we can each determine the content of our individual characters. You and I cannot strengthen anyone else's character and no one else can strengthen ours. All any of us can do is work hard on our own and inspire or persuade others to do likewise.

How will you start your journey?

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