Saturday, December 8, 2012

Every Woman an Eve

 DISCLAIMER: Although Biblical names are used in this piece, they do not represent the actual Adam and Eve, but the theoretical first woman and first man in an abstract parallel.
This is part two of a series. The previous post "Every Man an Adam" along with this post will be concluded and assessed very shortly.

*  *  *  *  *

In a world void of humans, a young lady finds herself surrounded by treacherous terrain covered in noxious brush, trees and undergrowth. Howls, growls and roars can be heard all around her.

This young lady feels a chill in the air, and knowing nothing of her surroundings, a shiver of fear rattles her frame. Her primary inclination is to move and learn as much as she can about herself and the environment into which she has been placed. She wants to live and thrive. She finds berries, roots and plants to give her body strength and nutrition.

BasicVirtueThis young woman manages to locate a cave as her shelter. She gets comfortable in her cave and, inspired by the beauty she appreciates in nature, personalizes it by creatively organizing colors from fruits and flowers on the walls. She weaves plant fibers into coverings to keep her warm and add cushioning to the otherwise cold, rough rock floor.

She is strong and capable of so much. As she begins interacting more intimately with the world around her, our lonely young lady discovers that she feels compassion for some of the helpless small animals she encounters. She even feeds and nurses several small critters back to their full health and strength. She is a nurturer and a healer.

*  *  *  *  *

FAST FORWARD: Our young lady, lets call her Eve, meets another human. She is surprised to see that there is another person. The other person is clearly the same species as she is, but with subtle differences. The other one is hairy, taller, has a larger frame and seems (to her) a bit less refined, with a much deeper voice.

Eve feels drawn to this person, even before they start interacting and getting to know each other. Lets just call him Adam. Watching him come and go each day, Eve is impressed by his strength. Adam often does things differently than Eve would, but it works. They learn from each other and work hard together. They laugh. They have hard times. But regardless of what happens in their lives, they are strengthened by each other. Through their mutual growth and development as a couple, they realize the value and importance of being true to themselves, while putting focus on serving each other.

Eve knows absolutely that Adam adores her. She never questions his devotion to her or his commitment to protect her and provide for her. Adam knows she loves him and needs him. But not from a standpoint of dependence, rather they mutually agree that together, they are one. One in respect, one in purpose, but uniquely individual in how they operate. Adam compliments Eve and Eve compliments Adam.

FAST FORWARD AGAIN: Eve is now pregnant. At first, she and Adam are frightened by the new experience they are having. Eventually, Eve feels another entity inside her. Upon making this discovery, she is overcome by emotion, anticipation and exhilaration. The time comes for her to deliver her child. The pain and agony that sneak up on her are all worth it to her when she hears the joyous sound of her child and sees the heart-melting sight of her rough and tough husband Adam lovingly rocking their infant in his arms.

If you, the reader, are a woman, please think about how this abstract can be representative of you. If you are a man, please do likewise. Part 2 will be here shortly to sum it all up.

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